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This book provides a straightforward guide to develop an architecture model of a Small Satellite using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). In addition to providing a reference model to support spacecraft design, this book can be used by instructors and students to learn how to apply MBSE with SysML, and by practitioners of MBSE as a reference approach for their applications.

The Small Satellite architecture model from this book is available on this site, and is inspired by the FireSat II example in the New SMAD. The guidance and model can serve as a general reference for applying MBSE with SysML to other types of systems as well.

SysML is a general-purpose modeling language used to specify and architect systems. Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is intended to produce an integrated system model using SysML which reflects multiple views of the system to flow down requirements and to specify the interaction and interconnection of its components, and their functions, states, interfaces, and performance and physical characteristics. The system model can enhance quality, reuse, and shared understanding of the system.

"This book is a clear and practical guide for how to leverage the increased precision and expressiveness of MBSE with SysML. Application of these methods on the design team I lead at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory resulted in fundamental improvements in the quality of our systems engineering products and the resulting spacecraft design. I recommend this book for anyone looking to do better systems engineering."
  --Todd Bayer, Spacecraft System Engineering Manager and Design Team Lead

"A very practical book that balances the description of the modeling language and the method for its application to real world examples. The added dimension of trading alternative architectures in a modeling environment to support selection of a preferred solution also sets it apart from other publications. This book is broadly applicable beyond the example domain of spacecraft and represents a breadth of knowledge from very experienced practitioners of systems modeling."
  --James Kanyok, Lockheed Martin Fellow